Encoder (x264enc) and Decoder VDPAU incompatibility?

Jérémy Lauraire jeremy.lauraire at gmail.com
Fri Aug 26 00:57:27 PDT 2011


I have posted many questions on this forum and I would like to sum up my
problem today.

I have developed :

- an *Encoder h264* on this model : appsrc -> x264enc -> appsink
- a* Decoder* that does VDPAU hardware acceleration with : appsrc ->
vdpauh264dec -> vdpauvideopostprocess -> vdpausink.

(The use of GstAppSrc and GstAppSink responds to my project's constraint
which is the use of a particular network protocol...)

I have tested the whole process with MPEG2 codec and it works fine (CPU <
2%). But no way to do it with h264...?

The decoder replies (GST_DEBUG log) :

0:00:04.492899441  8629      0x1c2d570 DEBUG       basevideodecoder
gstbasevideodecoder.c:567:gst_base_video_decoder_drain: *no sync, scanning
*0:00:04.492909724  8629      0x1c2d570 DEBUG       basevideodecoder
gstbasevideodecoder.c:587:gst_base_video_decoder_drain: *found possible sync
after 0 bytes (of 3)
*0:00:04.492918819  8629      0x1c2d570 DEBUG          *
start_code: 1

No error and no warning.....? I don't understand what is going wrong. Any
idea? Thanks in advance!
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