audiofx plugins work with gst-launch but not from code

cleojones cleo_jones7 at
Wed Aug 31 16:47:03 PDT 2011

Stefan Kost wrote:
> first for simple gain - use volume element. In your case my guess (you
> did not pointed us to the source code) is that you are doing
> g_object_set(audioamplify,"amplification",2,NULL); instead of
> g_object_set(audioamplify,"amplification",2.0f,NULL);

You're right - this was exactly the problem, resulting in setting of
amplification to 0 as Sean also suggested. Thank you both!

Interestingly, I  happened to see that 'lame' element includes a built-in
low-pass filter set via the property "lowpass-freq" so it looks like I don't
have to use the audiocheblimit element after all.

Is the main difference between 'audioamplify' and 'volume' the clipping

Thanks again!

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