[gst-devel] Should RTSPSRC correct for time drift when converting the RTP timestamp to gstreamer clock?

Loren Rogers loren.rogers at gmail.com
Wed Jan 26 19:25:47 CET 2011

Hey gang,
I have a gstreamer program that records audio from an RTP audio
source.  I then timestamp the audio frame on the recorder based on the
gstreamer clock (RTSPSRC should have already done the RTP TS
->gstreamer clock TS conversion).  I am finding that the time drifts
(i.e. the most recent gstreamer-clock-based timestamp on this audio
frame might be increasingly early or late relative to timestamp the
current recorder thinks it should be) when timestamping the frames end
to end.  I am wondering if this drift may be linked to the clock drift
between the audio device and my recording device.  Should the RTSPSRC
element already be correcting for such time drift when converting the
RTP timestamp to the gstreamer clock?

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