[PiTiVi] ANNOUNCE: Pitivi unstable release 0.14.1

Thibault Saunier thibault.saunier at collabora.com
Sun Jul 3 18:24:30 PDT 2011

Hello all,

This mail announces the immediate availability of the new unstable
release of the PiTiVi video editor 0.14.1. This is the result of the
PiTiVi team now following[0] the Gnome release schedule[1].

PiTiVi is an open source video editor, written in Python and based on
GStreamer and GTK+.

Major changes in this unstable release are:
	* Removed the libglade dependency
	* Move glade, icons and pixmap files to a separate data/ dir
	* Reorganized the menus
	* UI enhancements
	* Code cleanup
	* ...

And of course many bugs fixed.

More is coming with the work from the Gsoc students coming up nicely,
and the upcoming Hackfest that will take place during the Desktop

To file bugs, please go to:

Tarballs are available here:

Thanks for testing it and help us making a great release due for the
26th of September.


  Thibault, on behalf of the PiTiVi team.

[0] http://thiblahute.blogspot.com/2011/06/pitivi-lets-go-faster.html
[1] https://live.gnome.org/ThreePointOne

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