Building Video4Linux into gst-plugins-base

Wesley J. Miller WMiller at
Fri Jul 8 04:30:47 PDT 2011

First, I successfully built gsgtreamer 0.10.35.  Now I want to build base plugins 0.10.35.

I have tried about 50 times having apt-gotten (installed) almost everything that remotely looks like a v4l library or -dev and still can get configure to include building video4linux in base-plugins.

I checked the REQUIREMENTS in the root of my gst-plugins-base dir.  All it says I need is gstreamer.  I found nothing in the ./docs/ dir.   Nothing I gogled turned up any help.

Any or you Debian/Ubuntu sorts know what I need to apt-get (otherwise?) to make this work?

And anyone know where this info would be kept?  I guess it would be painful for the maintainers to know the deb and rpm package names and to include them in the REQUIREMENTS but knowing where to find this stuff is not completely obvious.  ALSA lives in apt package libasound2.

Many Thanks,

Wes Miller


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