Release of Aravis 0.1.10

Emmanuel Pacaud emmanuel at
Mon Jul 11 11:02:38 PDT 2011


I've released a new unstable version of Aravis, a LGPLv2+ gobject
based library for the acquisition of video streams from Genicam
compliant digital cameras.

This release should fix the lost of connection, at least better than the
last release. It also allows to instantiate a GigE Vision device using
its MAC address.

  * device: new "control-lost" signal.
  * GV device: allow use of MAC address for device instantiation.
  * GV device: retry gvcp command if wrong packet is received.
  * GV device: try harder to get control register value in heartbeat
  * GVCP: don't use 0 for packet counter value.

Aravis implements the following features:

* Support for gigabit ethernet cameras 
* Support for a large subset of the Genicam interface
* An API for easy camera control 
* A gstreamer source element 
* A simple video viewer
* Gobject-introspection support
* An ethernet camera simulator
* A work-in-progress documentation 

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