Please help in detecting memleak in playbin2

marcin at marcin at
Wed Jul 13 23:58:28 PDT 2011


could someone help me in detecting what causes memleak in such simple
code as attached?

It basically tries to open non-existent URL (it is intended), so it
enters the loop.

Process' memory usage grows constantly. It's not too fast, but constant.

I've checked that by using htop (RES column) and by typing

cat /proc/PID/smaps | grep Private_Dirty | awk '{sum += $2} END {print sum}'

What could be the reason for growing memory usage if this piece of
code does all the time the same action?

I've tried to change from jackaudiosink to fakesink - no effect, so it
is propably playbin2 itself?

I use gstreamer0.10-plugins-base 0.10.32-1ubuntu5 and vala 0.12

Thank you in advance,

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