Setting Up VS to build GST apps on Windows

Thomas Flüeli tflueeli at
Sat Jul 16 01:53:15 PDT 2011

> So, can anyone tell me what paths to use for Additional Library Directories?
> Are there any other items I need to all to get my program to compile?

The Additional Library Directories alone are not enough, you have to
add the library files as well. Try to add the following to Additional
Dependencies (that's in Linker -> Input):


By the way, "C:\Program Files\OSSBuild\GStreamer\v0.10.6\sdk\lib"
should be sufficient for Additional Library Directories. And I'm using

"C:\Program Files\OSSBuild\GStreamer\v0.10.6\sdk\include\gstreamer-0.10"
"C:\Program Files\OSSBuild\GStreamer\v0.10.6\sdk\include\glib-2.0"
"C:\Program Files\OSSBuild\GStreamer\v0.10.6\sdk\include\libxml2"
"C:\Program Files\OSSBuild\GStreamer\v0.10.6\sdk\include"

as include path.



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