Problems with GStreamer RTSP server on Windows

Pampolini Matteo matteo.pampolini at
Tue Jul 19 00:52:06 PDT 2011

Hello there,

I've just managed to compile gst-rtsp-server on Windows (MinGW) by
making all the changes needed to take care of Winsock2.

Unfortunately it doesn't work, if a client (say VLC) asks for an RTSP
URL the connection is setup but no RTSP packets seem to be received by
the server. Looking deeply inside the code it seems to me it's a
GstRTSPConnection issue, that doesn't handle poll fds in the right way
in Windows. Is this a know issue? Is there an updated version of it?

Or am I completely wrong and my problem is due to a completely different

Many thanks in advance,


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