How to set specific caps on source and sink pads?

Stefan Kost ensonic at
Wed Jul 20 04:50:33 PDT 2011

On 07/20/11 10:58, Siber wrote:
> Hello everybody! Sorry for my incompetence. I'm trying to make an element
> which allow user to set caps on both pads. For example, if user set element
> properties: input_cap=yuy2 output_cap=yvyu, - so my element should set such
> caps on pads and only them. If other elements in pipeline not allow to have
> such caps so my element should ignore user specified caps. How can I make it
> if it's possible? For my_element template I've chosen videocrop from
> gst-plugins-good.
> Thank you!
What are you trying to do? You can use a capsfilter element to constrain
the caps a link should use.


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