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Mon Jul 25 08:23:34 PDT 2011

В Mon, 25 Jul 2011 17:41:12 +0300
Nezer Zaidenberg <nezer at videocells.com> пишет:

> 1) does uid=xxx in the URL stands for something? Is it possible to
> change this URL to support MPEG? (instead of jpeg)

UUID's meaning:
and after (periodically)

> See http://panasonic.net/pss/security/library/developer.html, file:
> CGI Common «Ref Panasonic_Network_camera ver1.25»
[1] http://www.linuxdvr.ru/rus/docs/apps-ipcam-capture.html
(i am a developer of this software AVReg.net)

> 2) Is it at all possible to play RTSP over HTTP (HTTP URL)
> rtspsrc says it's not a valid rtsp url?
I don't know, use tcpdump/wireshark on host with original panasonic's

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