Caps for full-range YUV data?

David Schleef ds at
Thu Jul 28 14:50:34 PDT 2011

On Thu, Jul 28, 2011 at 05:35:39AM -0400, Gruenke, Matt wrote:
> If I want to represent YUV data with a range of 0-255 per sample, is there any combination of caps I can use to do so?  Normally, the range in use is [16, 235] for luma and [16, 240] for chroma.


Unfortunately, very few elements support it.  It's "on my list" to
add support in videotestsrc and colorspace, but don't wait for me
if you need it.  It wouldn't be difficult to add.

> BTW, MPEG-4 supports both video_range types, depending on how the stream was encoded (16-235 being the default & the only one supported by a recent version of ffmpeg I looked at).  JPEG, on the other hand, is specified always to be full-range (although some video sources use 16-235, regardless).

In video, pretty much nobody does full-range components, because
there aren't any underlying video standards for it.  It's JFIF, not
JPEG, that specifies colorspace (full-range, of course).  Container
formats (mainly quicktime) are supposed to specify video-range or
full-range for JPEG video, but often don't.  This creates a giant


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