Using MinGW thru Cygwin to compile Gstreamer

Ashwini Sharma ak.ashwini at
Thu Jul 28 21:44:10 PDT 2011

Hi All,

I need to compile gstreamer for windows using MinGW.

I am using MinGW thru Cygwin, (by exporting the MinGW bin path before
everything else). It picks up the compiler from the MinGW path well.

Now when I try to Configure gstreamer I get error "libxml2" not found.
Whereas I have installed almost all the packages in Cygwin installation.

Can I use the packages installed in cygwin to compile gstreamer using MinGW
in Cygwin? Or Do I have to use MinGW separately?

Is there some help/guide which I can refer for my task.

Any help is appreciated.

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