Using MinGW thru Cygwin to compile Gstreamer

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  I also want to know the procedure, recently I've done according to OSSBUILD wiki and BuildGstreamerWithMinGWAndSys , but also failed. 
 I've tried to install msys-libxml, but failed during compiling gstreamer due to multiple defination of some functions of libxml.
 I also tried to compile libxml source code, include 2.6.30 or 2.7.7 or 2.7.8, failed due to multiple defination of pthread in MinGW environment, actually in this situation it should not use posix-thread library, it should use windows thread.
 I also tried according to OSSBUILD wiki, but it's seems that the instruction on wiki or SVN directory isn't correct. Actually I cann't compile all source code if I check out all codes from SVN.
 Who know this procesure? Who can give some tips for it?
 At least, the wiki of OSSBUILD need to be enriched.
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 Subject:  Using MinGW thru Cygwin to compile Gstreamer

Hi All, 

 I need to compile gstreamer for windows using MinGW.

 I am using MinGW thru Cygwin, (by exporting the MinGW bin path before everything else). It picks up the compiler from the MinGW path well.

 Now when I try to Configure gstreamer I get error "libxml2" not found. Whereas I have installed almost all the packages in Cygwin installation. 

 Can I use the packages installed in cygwin to compile gstreamer using MinGW in Cygwin? Or Do I have to use MinGW separately?

 Is there some help/guide which I can refer for my task. 

 Any help is appreciated.

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