sending svg picture over rtp lost alpha channel

xxrici riccardo.colamatteo at
Sat Jul 30 08:07:35 PDT 2011

Hi All,

I've to send svg picture over rtp but I don't know why this causes lost of
alpha channel.

when I try
gst-launch -vvv filesrc location=./srcimage.svg ! rsvgdec ! alphacolor !
pngenc ! filesink location=./target-image.png
I get right formed png image; for this reason I was thinking about command
lines like
gst-launch -vvv filesrc location=./media/image.svg ! rsvgdec ! alphacolor !
imagefreeze ! theoraenc ! oggmux ! tcpserversink
gst-launch tcpclientsrc host=localhost ! oggdemux ! theoradec ! alphacolor !
pngenc ! filesink location=./target-image.png.

Thanks to all in advance for every advices.

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