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thanks' a lot for helping. I've change the code with handle the dynamic-pads
between muxer/audio-dec and audio-dec/audio-sink and it work great with only
audio data. 
If I try to use the queue-pad, I have a problem to understand this.
Should I define two queues? One for video and one for audio? Or is there
only one queue and I link this to both? But then, how could I handle the
dynamic-pads? Do you have an example for using the queue-element to split a
stream (e.g Mpeg2) to video/audio-data in a C-program?

I know: there are a lot of questions about using the queue-element.
But I'm sure that there is a person, who can help me to fix this problem!

Thanks a lot!!

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On 06/03/2011 04:20 AM, Bernhard Graaf wrote:
> Hi,
> I need help to generate my own ‚C’-Program from a running pipe:
> gst-launch-0.10 tcpclientsrc host='' port=8080 ! mpegtsdemux
> name=demux ! queue ! mpeg2dec ! xvimagesink force-aspect-ratio=TRUE
> demux. ! queue ! mad ! alsasink
> With this pipe, I have no problem. It’s running very well.
> But if I try to compile this pipe in my own program, I’ll get no results.

Some elements have 'special' sinks. Such as a demuxer. A file could 
conceivably have multiple video/audio streams but you don't know that 
until it starts getting processed. So gst-launch does some magic that 
you need to do the same.

gives an example of handling this with the on_pad_added signal handler.

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