Deadlock changing state PLAYING to PAUSE for multi source plugin

pierre gousseau pgousseau at
Sat Jun 4 04:18:35 PDT 2011

Hi All,
I am writing a source plugin with one always video source pad and a sometime audio source pad.
To test it i made a pipeline where i connect my element to an xvimagesink and an alsasink using the pad-added signal for the later.
When i close the X window i exit the main loop and set the pipeline state to NULL.
In my element when going from PLAYING to PAUSE i call gst_pad_stop_task on each pad.
The application main thread is locked in the gst_pad_stop_task call on my element audio pad.My element audio pad's task thread is locked in gst_pad_push.
The source code shows that gst_pad_push is waiting in GST_PAD_PREROLL_WAIT on the alsasink sink pad for either a PLAYING state or a flush.gst_pad_stop_task is locked in GST_PAD_STREAM_LOCK logically as the stream lock is already acquired by my element audio pad's task function.
Is there something i should do in my element before calling gst_pad_stop_task ? Should i even call it there ? Any part of the documentation i have missed ?
Thanks for your help,

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