Gstreamer crash, when playing a Transport Stream

Ashwini Sharma ak.ashwini at
Mon Jun 6 21:31:24 PDT 2011

HI Guys,

  I am trying to play a Transport stream in my application (using APIs). It
plays for sometime and then it crashes while allocating a buffer of size =
65536 in mpegtsdemux.

My pipe looks like

   filesrc location=/abc.trp ! mpegtsparse ! mpegtsdemux name=demux
program-number=6 ! video/mpeg ! queue ! decodebin ! ffmpegcolorspace !
appsink demux. ! queue ! audioconvert ! alsasink

For appsink i am listening to the "new-buffer" signal. I pull the buffer
from appsink, (*At this point do I need to free/unref the pulled buffer?*)

Is there some possible leak which is causing it to crash, Any help is

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