First 0.11 unstable development series release scheduled

Tim-Philipp Müller t.i.m at
Wed Jun 8 04:02:32 PDT 2011

Esteemed hackers,

just a quick note to say that a first snapshot release of the 0.11.x
unstable development series (leading to the upcoming 1.0 stable series)
has been scheduled for ~next week.

To preempt some questions:

This is merely a preview of what's in stock for 1.0. The API is still
highly in flux, and we still have a lot of changes in the pipeline.
However, many of the planned changes of core API have been done already
(memory allocation, buffers, buffer pools, negotiation, segment
handling, sticky events etc.), so now might be a good time for those
interested (and willing to bite their teeth into it) to start checking
it out.

These documents/diffs might give you some rough idea of the changes so

Please don't expect too much documentation (other than the above and the
gtk-doc API reference) or extensive hand-holding, we're just not quite
there yet.

For now we'll only release GStreamer core and gst-plugins-base. Other
plugins from other modules have already been ported in git, but there's
no canonical list yet. If they build and show up in gst-inspect-0.11,
they've been ported. Use make -k to skip all those that don't build, if
you're getting git checkouts of other modules (and use an uninstalled
git checkout then, since make install will likely not work).

Anyway, this is all just to get the ball rolling towards 1.0.

Wim will also send out an updated "State of 0.11" document in the next
few days.


PS: bunch of other random links:

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