Load opengl texture into gstreamer by gldownload ?

Jeremy Dierx j.dierx at microfilms.fr
Fri Jun 10 03:13:52 PDT 2011


I'm new in gstreamer dev and sorry for my english.

My goal : On linux system, I would like to capture a video from sdi pro
cam, encode/resize it on the fly and broadcast it by rtp.

The sdi capture card is  a nvidia sdi quadro capture card (this) using
opengl and its own framework. At present, it work and I can display the
live video in a window.
For info, the sdi video stream is captured  into OpenGL texture and
display in a window.

Now, I want to broadcast the stream by rtp using gstreamer.
To reach this goal, is it a good idea to use gldownload to load the
opengl texture into gstreamer ? How could I do that ? I found no
information on the net.

Thank you for your help,

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