How to add elements to running pipeline

Avinash Magdum avinashmagdum83 at
Wed Jun 22 00:57:21 PDT 2011

Now I am able to add elements to running gstreamer preview pipeline.  I just
paused the pipeline before adding elements to it.
Now I am facing with another problem in putting EOS on this branched
pipeline. My pipeline is like this:

Pipeline: CapturePipeline
omx_camera(src pad) ->flter->v4l2sink
omx_camera(imgsrc pad)->queue->filesink (Image bin)
I am tring to put EOS on this CapturePipeline, but the message callback
doesn't receive any eos message.
[ gst_element_send_event(CapturePipeline, gst_event_new_eos());]


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