gstreamer shmsrc interface

mattes effemm at
Thu Jun 23 17:04:24 PDT 2011

> That said, if both ends are inside the same program, you should be using appsrc/appsink instead.
> The shm stuff is only meant for IPC, also, you can integrate shmpipe.[ch] inside your own application
> if you don't want to have GStreamer on both sides (but there is no API guarantee and no communication
> compatibility guarantees for future releases).

My app is an existing C application that captures and massages video frames.  It is not based on
gstreamer. I want to extend the functionality of the current app and import the video frames into

I was following some hints mentioned in shmpipe.h, which leaves room for interpretation on how things
and what order they need to be done. Ran into some issues. That's why I was interested in a small test
app, (hopefully something not gstreamer based).

Though, I think, I figured a couple of things out.

At least I can feed and visualize frames now in gstreamer doing this:

  gst-launch shmsrc socket-path=/tmp/mxtdata !
video/x-raw-yuv,width=320,height=240,framerate=5/1,format='(fourcc)YV12' ! xvimagesink

thanx for the input

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