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Hi I have a similar problem but in my case I want to store and retrieve raw rtp packets. Is it possible to do this as well or the filesink requires a specific file format? I put my question here because I thought the issue is the same. Basically I want the functionality of a buffer but because the data will be too big I want to store it in a file temporarily.

Thank you.

- Zelalem S. 

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Subject: AW: Writing Video and reading in same time
Date: Sat, 25 Jun 2011 18:35:43 +0200

Hi Stefan,


Yes, no problem.

I’m using my own
C-Program for that, but my pipe is looks like:



Dvbsrc ! mpegtsmux name=demux
demux.video_xxxx ! queue ! mpegpsmux name=mux ! filesink location=xyz.mpg demux.audo_xxxx
! queue ! mux. (converting Mpeg-TS to Mpeg-PS à is running



 playbin2 video-sink=xvimagesink uri=xyz.mpg
 filesrc location=xyz.mpg ! mpegpsdemux name=demux ! queue ! mpeg2dec
     ! xvimagsink demux. ! queue ! mad ! alsasink


Both of them are running
well with a closed file (have a given file length).

But also both of the have
the same problem: running to the point of file, where the file length was as
opening time.




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Betreff: Re: Writing Video and
reading in same time


On 06/25/11 17:56, Bernhard Graaf wrote: 



I have a problem with gstreamer.

I write a video stream in a file and
try to read it with another process (a few seconds later).

If I link the reading pipe using
filesrc or playbin2 and could only see the video as long as the file is in
opening time.

For example:

If the file is only 4 seconds long
in the time I link the reading pipe, I could only see this 4 seconds, but the
writing pipe is running and the file is much longer in the meantime (sorry for
my bad English).

I hope you can understand my problem.

Here my question:

Is there any solution to write a
video file with one process and read it with another pipe?

What format are you using. Could you explain the scenario better. Do you wnat
to relay a we-stream? Maybe you can stream the video without writing it to a
file buffer.



Thanks’ for your help!!!!



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