Problems with self-compiled GStreamer on Windows (MinGW)

Pampolini Matteo matteo.pampolini at
Mon Jun 27 09:24:58 PDT 2011

Hello there,

my name is Matteo and I'm writing from Italy. I'm experiencing some
problems with GStreamer (latest packages) compiled by myself on Windows
by following the instructions on GStreamer Wiki (please note that I did
not compile any optional external library and I compiled GLib from source).

In particular gst-typefind fails in determining stream types, thus
leading to consequent failure when using gst-launch with both decodebin2
or playbin2. If I create a pipeline with the exact elements everything
works fine.

I also made a comparison with OSSBuild precompiled binaries and of
course in this case is fine, moreover I see all the debug traces related
to mime types registrations that I don't see with my binaries (only some
obscure fftype_* ones).

Attached you can find the output log of my gst-typefind binary, may you
please help me in understanding what's wrong?

Many thanks in advance,


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