Please give me advice about implementing gstreamer-vaapi

1978dmzx at 1978dmzx at
Thu Mar 3 05:48:36 PST 2011

I've troublled about playing the movie with gstreamer-vaapi plugin and Qt 
phonon for 4 weeks. 
I've added "video/x-vaapi-surface" to rawcaps definition in gst-plugins-base 
And when the movie file(mpeg4,rev2)was selected on qmediaplayer(this is Qt's 
demo program) , I've confirmed that "vaapidecode" was selected. but 
xvimagesink was selected instead of "vaapisink". 
Now I am planning to change the source code of "xvimagesink". if the 
contents of "xvimagesink" is "vaapisink" then the movie play normaly. 
Is this my idea right? 
Please advice me!! 
Best Regards, 

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