appsink pulling of a encoded stereo stream

Parisson lists at
Wed Mar 9 04:57:47 PST 2011

Hi !

I use GStreamer (0.10.30) with python-gst0.10 (0.10.19) to transcode audio files
through a python library I'm developing.

First, the input file is decoded by a decoder into a raw 32 bits audio stream
[1]. The raw stream is then pushed to an appsrc in the encoder pipeline [2]. The
pipeline contains a queue to tee the compressed stream into an appsink and a
filesink together.

The pb is that it works a long as I give mono files to the decoder so that the
encoder pipeline receives a mono stream. But for stereo files, the output stream
of the encoder is empty. This pb disappears when I ONLY do a appsink OR a
filesink. This prooves that the bug comes from the queueing.

This is a bit annoying because it worked before an update on my Debian Squeeze
system two weeks ago.

Does someone can reproduce this or do you think I could be wrong with the syntax
of my pipeline ?

Thanks a lot for help !



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