Basic question about using playbin/playbin2

Alton Patrick hapatrick at
Thu Mar 10 05:38:25 PST 2011

I've just started using gstreamer in a project, and I have a couple of
(probably dumb) questions that I haven't been able to find answers to

I'm using a gstreamer pipeline with playbin followed by gstappsink to get
streaming video data (MJPEG or MPEG2 over http) into my application.  It's
working pretty well, except for these two things:

1. On Windows (using build 0.10.6 from ossbuild), when I try to connect to a
stream that doesn't exist, playbin sends an error message on the bus after a
few seconds.  When the app sees the error, it prints a message telling the
user it can't connect and shuts down.  But on Linux (FC14, with gstreamer
0.10.31), it takes *several minutes* for playbin to decide it can't connect.
 Is there a way to configure the amount of time playbin will try to connect
before giving up?

2. The documentation says playbin is deprecated and I should really be using
playbin2.  I tried playbin2, but it wants to buffer for 10-15 seconds before
it starts giving me any data.  (playbin either does no buffering, or little
enough that I don't notice.)  I tried setting the properties
"buffer-duration" and "buffer-size" to 0, but that didn't seem to change the
behavior.  How can I stop playbin2 from buffering, or at least get the
buffer down to a reasonable amount?

I would appreciate any advice about these two issues, or pointers to where
to find more information.  Thanks.


Alton Patrick
hapatrick at
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