cross-compiling and `orc.m4`

Paul Menzel paulepanter at
Thu Mar 10 16:38:28 PST 2011

Dear orcc folks,

using OpenEmbedded [1] trying to cross-compile GStreamer plug-ins (or
PulseAudio from git master), which includes `orc.m4`, `Makefile` has to be
adapted as noted in `` [2].

        # orc.m4 calls pkg-config ----variable=orcc orc-0.4 to get the path to orcc,
        # resulting in /usr/bin/orcc. Force it to use the staged orcc.
        do_configure_append() {
        	for i in $(find ${S} -name "Makefile") ; do
        		sed -i -e s:${bindir}/orcc:${STAGING_BINDIR_NATIVE}/orcc:g $i

To be usable in cross compile environments `orc.m4` should not use

        pkg-config --variable=orcc orc-0.4

but something like `AC_CHECK_TOOL` (?) [3] which other projects seem to
use. I am not very familiar with Autotools but I found some examples on
the Web [4–6].




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