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Sounds a little more involved than I hoped, but thanks for the information.


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> > Is there a way to configure the amount of time playbin will try to
> connect before giving up?
> It gets complicated and it depends on what playbin autoplugs and determines
> is its source. You'll need to listen to the various signals it produces and
> catch when it determines what its source is (in the past at least, you had
> to catch when playbin2 added a uridecodebin and then catch when uridecodebin
> added a decodebin and then catch when the decodebin added its source element
> -- a bit convoluted for sure). Then you can adjust the source's parameters.
> But elements like souphttpsrc don't give you much to play with. neonhttpsrc,
> however, has a connect-timeout property, for instance.
> > I tried playbin2, but it wants to buffer for 10-15 seconds before it
> starts giving me any data.
> There are various things that come into play here. If you're using MJPEG,
> then the auto-plugged multipartdemux in playbin2 can take a while before it
> determines (decides) that you're only looking at motion jpeg and don't have
> another (audio) stream muxed as well. With OSSBuild (I don't recall if this
> was added upstream or not), you can use a pipeline like the following (I did
> this from memory so it may not be 100% perfect) to take out that decision
> time:
> gst-launch souphttpsrc location=http://...../video.mjpg ! multipartdemux
> single-stream=true ! jpegdec ! ffmpegcolorspace ! autovideosink
> Note the addition of the "single-stream=true" property. I'm not much help
> w/ mpeg2. I'd also suggest you use the latest OSSBuild, v0.10.7 beta 4 --
> it's almost as stable as 0.10.6 and uses a more up-to-date gstreamer.
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