How to dump a stream faster than real time...

andrea sarkiaponius at
Sat Mar 12 07:59:20 PST 2011


I try again since my previous message was ignored. If I'm asking the
wrong mailing list just let me know.

I'm using a command line like the following to download old episodes of
some audio programmes of italian broadcasting company (Rai).

gst-launch-0.10 gstrtpsession bandwidth=40000000 rtspsrc
location=rtsp:// connection-speed=2100000 ! decodebin2 ! wavenc !filesink location=prova.wav

Actually, the episodes are not real streams, but just RealAudio files
that you can only access via RTSP.

The above command line works perfectly but, despite the "bandwidth" and
"connection-speed" options, to download the file it simply takes exactly
the duration of the episode (they usually last 45 minutes each).

I've using mplayer too, to do the same, and it has a wonderful option
"-bandwidth" which, with a value, say, of 4000000, just lets you
download the same file above in less than one minute!

I'm wondering if there is some way to do the same with some gstreamer
pipeline. I mean, some way to accelerate the download just as mplayer
does. It would be very very nice because mplayer has problems with some
ADSL router and some networks here in Italy, while gstreamer does not.

Best regards.

andrea <sarkiaponius at>

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