Playing raw video files with playbin2

Joseph Thomson joseph.thomson at
Mon Mar 14 16:59:56 PDT 2011

Hi all,

I am relatively new to GStreamer, so please try to forgive my ignorance.  I
currently have an application that uses a playbin2 to stream video to an
appsink element.  All is well until I try to stream from a raw YUV file.
The file has no header data (frame rate, resolution etc.), so I understand
that nothing is going to happen unless I somehow specify this data.  I know
the file is CIF (352 x 288) and has a framerate of 25 fps, but I'm not sure
how to go about telling the application this.  All my attempts so far have
been somewhat trial and error, and none of them have produced any results.
Can anyone tell me how I should go about specifying these details manually,
or if it is even possible?


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