Pushing images into a gstreamer pipeline

Rodrigo Benenson rodrigo.benenson at gmail.com
Tue Mar 15 09:05:07 PDT 2011

Hello gst developers !

After playing around with some toy applications, exploring the
documentation and googling around (including this mailing list
archives) I am still puzzled for what I would think is a rather common
use case.

I have an existing code that generates images (in memory) and I would
like to push these images into a gstreamer pipeline (to create a flv
video at the end).

I could not find an "obvious way to do it". My best guess will be to
dig in the source code of GstMultiFileSrc and its parent GstPushSrc,
to figure it out.

Could any of you point me out to the "obvious way" of doing this ?
Is it there any related piece of documentation/tutorial/example on this ?

Once I have the input right, the rest is a piece of cake, thanks to
Gstreamer awesomeness !
(something like "my magic input ->  ffmpegcolorspace ! ffenc_flv !
flvmux ! filesink location=desktop.flv" )

Thanks for your answers.

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