Issues with valves

Nathanael D. Noblet nathanael at
Wed Mar 16 15:20:47 PDT 2011

On 03/16/2011 04:10 PM, wally bkg wrote:
> I'm trying to do similar, but my app is using three pipelines
> (oversimplified):
> v4l2src ! appsink   (data source)
> (There is some image processing in between)
> appsrc ! encoder ! muxer ! filesink  (data recorder)
> appsrc ! xvimagesink  (live data monitor)
> The xvimagesink always runs, my problem is I need to send EOS to the
> filesink pipeline, stop it, change file location and restart at the next
> recording epoch.
> Is this not  a viable approach?
> My current stumbling block is sending the EOS.  It seems to work well if
> I just start and stop everything all at once by closing the xvimagesink
> window but my encoded files only play back on Linux, not Windows
> presumably because they are not getting the EOS before exiting.

Search the archives of November 24, 2010 for an email with subject:

"[SOLVED] Dynamically Recording From a Live Stream & EOS Handling"... it 
has the answer for this problem for you. If after reading that and using 
the source attached in that email it still doesn't work I may be able to 
help... But I am in no way an expert.
Nathanael d. Noblet
t 403.875.4613

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