GStreamer and Google Summer of Code 2011

Christian Fredrik Kalager Schaller uraeus at
Fri Mar 18 12:41:26 PDT 2011

So GStreamer got accepted to this years Google Summer of Code:

For those who don't know the Google Summer of Code program it is a
annual event run by Google, where they allow students from all over the
world to work on an Open Source project of their own choosing, and get
paid for it.

So a big thanks to Google for also this year allowing GStreamer to take

Google hasn't opened the gates for students to submit their proposals
yet, they will do so on March 28th. But if you are a interested student
yourself or know someone who could be this is the time to get started.

GStreamer got a page with some suggestions here:

But what you can do as a Summer of Code project is not limited to what
we propose on that page, if you have a good idea, come onto the
#gstreamer IRC channel or send an email to this list and we discuss it.

We also got a page with some general recommendations for people who want
to apply, it still have links from last year, but the general advice
there is just as valid this year:

Hope to have as many of you apply as possible this year, we got a lot of
great projects done as part of Google Summer of Code previous years so
lets make sure this year is also a great success.


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