vdpauh264dec plugin not recognized by playbin

Zhao, Halley halley.zhao at intel.com
Mon Mar 21 01:50:26 PDT 2011

It is caused by decodebin2 doesn't expose VDPAU output as a raw caps to terminate auto-plug.
Playbin2 works because:
	Playbin2 find vdpausink in autoplug_select_cb() with "GST_AUTOPLUG_SELECT_EXPOSE" as return value
	Playbin2 use sink from auto-plug (vdpausink) instead of sink from 'video-sink' property in no_more_pads_cb. -- your customized sink isn't used.


I suggest add 'caps' property of playbin2 to let app control it.

There is another work around to get decodebin2 from playbin2 and change the 'caps' property.

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BTW WebKit uses a custom video sink to render frames to a Cairo surface.
I see you need to use a postprocess element and the vdpausink to render
video with VDPAU acceleration, I guess the WebKit video-sink would need

My knowledge of VDPAU is very limited, but I think that even if you
manage to get the vdpauh264dec element used by playbin2 you'd still need
to hook in the vdpauvideopostprocess ! vdpausink part. 

Got this working with gst-launch:

gst-launch playbin2 uri=file://$HOME/101_ice_age_2-tlrD_h1080p.mov
video-sink="vdpauvideopostprocess ! vdpausink"


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