emitting AppSrc.ENOUGH_DATA signal

Andrea König andrea.koenig at gmatic.de
Tue Mar 22 05:51:24 PDT 2011

I want my application concat 4 strings. The strings I converted into 
byte arrays.

ArrayList<byte[]> lStreamingBA = new ArrayList<byte[]>();

((AppSrc)appsrc).connect(new AppSrc.NEED_DATA() {
             int cnt = 0;
             public void needData(Element arg0, int arg1, Pointer arg2) {
                 byte[] nextAudioData = lStreamingBA.get(cnt);
                 Buffer buf = new Buffer(nextAudioData.length);
                 ByteBuffer bb = buf.getByteBuffer();


I have set appsrc properties:
     ((AppSrc)appsrc).setMaxBytes(the Length Of The 4 byte Arrays In the 

I also tried to set the block property to true. All this I done hoping 
the ENOUGH_DATA is called, but nothing happens. What has to be set for 
emitting the ENOUGH_DATA signal?

If I extend the code of needData as follows:
          System.out.println("cnt to quit " + cnt);
          System.out.println("quitted ...");

    the method is called 4 times as expected. But the result only 
contains 3 strings the last string is missed. Can anybody explain why 
this happens?

Best regards
Andrea König

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