adder with multiple RTP multicast streams.

E-J van der Linden EJvanderLinden at
Sat Mar 26 10:20:03 PDT 2011

Hello Olivier, 

I'm trying to code the small program as you described in your reply but I do not succeed. 

Perhaps you can help me. 

The elements in my pipeline are 
udpsrc, gstrtpbin, rtpL16depay, audioconv, audioresample, liveadder, alsasink sync=false 

I have tried two options one works but is not what I need and the other doesn't work. 

Option 1 
I create all elements in the main program, create links between all elements except between gstrtpbin and rtpL16depay. Then set the pipeline to playing. 

In the "on-pad-added" function I link the pads of the gstrtpbin and the rtpL16depay. 
I have a working pipeline but I can not dynamically create (rtpL16depay, audioconv, audioresample) on a new rtp stream. 

Option 2 
I create udpsrc, gstrtpbin, liveadder, alsasink in the main program, create links between udpsrc, gstrtpbin and between liveadder and alsasink. then connect a signal to gstrtpbin with liveadder as data. Then set the pipeline to playing. 

In the "on-pad-added" function I create the rtpL16depay, audioconv, audioresample elements and link them together. Then I link audioresample to liveadder (given via data) and I link the new gstrtpbin pad to a static sink pad of the new rtpL16depay element. I get no errors but also no sound in this option. I've tried to set the pipeline to PLAYING again in the "on-pad-added" function but that didn't help. 

Do you see my problem or do you have an example program for me? 


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