EOS before playing state changed

仇昊 simonqiuhao at gmail.com
Sun Mar 27 20:32:37 PDT 2011


We started a playbin2  to play a very short local audio file (about 2 sec)
and sink element was set to filesink.
In the test program, we directly set PLAYING state to playbin2.

We found sometimes EOS message is post by playbin2 too early to beyond
PLAYING state changed message of playbin2 whatever attribute "async" of sink
element is set FALSE or TRUE.

As docs said, EOS should be posted after sink element was in PLAYING state,
but not pipeline (playbin2).

So, can I assume EOS must be posted after playbin2 was in PLAYING state?
If yes, why didn't I find any limit to cache EOS message when playbin2 was
in the course of PLAYING state changed?


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