Setting new segment in http mode

Vlad Seryakov vseryakov at
Tue Mar 29 00:41:15 PDT 2011


I've spent some time and it seems that setting new segment on playback start works fine using file source but does not work when using http soup module which is used when uri start with http://.
I tried to set new segment after PAUSED, after PLAYING, during and agter buffering but it is ignored. In the log i see my seek event passing plugins and pad and then just disappears, while http module continued with segment stop as -1.
Is this because of the buffering? Tried to disable it by setting use-buffering to false in playbin2 but no luck.

Looking into http soup plugin i do not see anything specific, i wrote my file source plugin based on basesrc and segment set on playback start works just fine, so i am susspecting this is related to buffering but when then i can set new segment?


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