udpsink: Could not set TTL socket option

Matias Hernandez Arellano msdark at archlinux.cl
Wed Mar 30 13:38:18 PDT 2011

I'm trying to stream a bunch of images (using appsrc) with rtsp and udp ... (i see this on examples over the net) .. but i have this error
Could not set TTL socket option
So i look for some solution and i see in stackoverflow [1] a possible solution for that:

"here is a bug in the udpsink/multiudpsink code related to IPV6 enabled systems and socket creation.
If you are coding up your pipeline in C you can bypass this by manually creating the socket to use and using that for the sink like so.

my_sink = gst_element_make_from_uri(GST_URI_SINK, "udp://", NULL);
int my_tx_socket;
my_tx_socket = socket(PF_INET, SOCK_DGRAM, IPPROTO_UDP)
g_object_set(G_OBJECT(my_sink), “sockfd”, my_tx_socket, NULL);

But now i don't know how can i use this sink in my pipeline:
appsrc name=mysource ! video/x-raw-rgb,width=640,height=480 ! ffmpegcolorspace ! ffenc_h263 ! video/x-h263 ! rtph263ppay pt=96 ! udpsink host= port=5000

Any thoughts?
thanks for reading

1.- http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4094990/gstreamer-mac-os-x-udpsink-problem

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