Looping ogg/theora videos

Stefan Kost ensonic at hora-obscura.de
Sun May 1 04:09:46 PDT 2011

Am 29.04.2011 00:12, schrieb David Johnson:
> On Thursday, April 28, 2011 01:14:40 pm Stefan Kost wrote:
>> Am 28.04.2011 03:28, schrieb David Johnson:
>>> I need to loop some ogg/theora videos. I can do this, but I am getting a
>>> noticable delay when looping. I need the looping to be seamless.
>>> Depending on what times I am looping from/to, the delay can vary from not
>>> noticable, to extreme. It can also vary depending on the file.
>>> I have full sources of an example I can post if necessary. I have
>>> included a short snippet to show what I am doing:
>>> What am I doing wrong?
>> Only use GST_SEEK_FLAG_FLUSH for the first seek-event, when handling
>> SEGMENT_DONE try without it.
> This does not help any. I am still getting about a quarter second freeze at 
> the end of the segment.
> Some more investigation reveals that this only happens with ogg/theora (obv) 
> video clips. It is not happening with some DV clips.
> Is this the fault of the Theora format? Perhaps it is not suited for seamless 
> looping?

There could be a bug in oggdemux or theoradec. You probably have to drill down
into the logs and see what code is executed when it is waiting.

I have a hunch that something not very optimal is happending when looping. In
buzztard I get unreasonable cpu-load when looping short audio. I had not yet
time to investigate though.


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