Should h264parse limit the max PPS id to 31 or 255?

Karen Schoener kschoener at
Mon May 2 12:12:37 PDT 2011


I notice that the h264parse element currently limits the max PPS id to 31.

According to section in the H264 spec, the PPS id may range from
0-255.  However the SPS id can range from 0-31.

Here's the info from in the H264 spec:

pic_parameter_set_id identifies the picture parameter set that is referred
to in the slice header. The value of pic_parameter_set_id shall be in the
range of 0 to 255, inclusive.

seq_parameter_set_id refers to the active sequence parameter set. The value
of seq_parameter_set_id shall be in the range of 0 to 31, inclusive.

I was just wondering if this PPS ID limit to 31 was intentional.

Does anyone see an issue with changing the following #define in h264parse.h
from 32 to 256?

#define MAX_PPS_COUNT   32

Thanks, Karen
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