Facing problems running gstreamer element in pull mode

Rajashree Chivakula rajashree.prasad at gmail.com
Wed May 4 16:47:48 PDT 2011

Hi all,

I'm new to gstreamer so please bear with me if my issue seems trivial.

I'm developing an application to implement Adaptive Streaming. For this, I
have the souphttpsrc element that's linked to my adaptivestreaming element.
The adaptivestreaming element needs to send out URIs to the souphttpsrc
element and download chunks of data from the network, which it then passes
along to the demux/decoders. Each chunk has it's own URI. The problem I'm
facing is : how do i design it such that my adaptivestreaming element will
control the flow of data from souphttpsrc ? Basically run my
adaptivestreaming element in pull mode (I'm not really interested in random
accesses, I need to download all the data that's accessible by the URI); I
did implement the activate_function and activatepull_function, but it didn't
work. I could not enter my looping function associated with the sinkpad of
my adaptivestreaming element.
In my activate function :

static gboolean gst_adaptive_streaming_activate (GstPad *pad) {

    if(gst_pad_check_pull_range(pad)) {

       return gst_pad_activate_pull(pad, TRUE);


    else {

        g_print("Cannot activate task ...\n");

        return FALSE;



gst_pad_check_pull_range() returned FALSE ;  But souphttplivesrc does
support getrangefunc(); Any idea what’s happening here ?

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