Slow playback after switching tracks in Pragha

Fabian Köster f.koester at
Mon May 9 05:12:34 PDT 2011


I am using the GStreamer based Pragha Media Player [1] in version 0.94
under Gentoo Linux on ARM (Pandaboard) in combination with PulseAudio.

Playback is working great until Pragha switches to the next track: The
playback is then slowed down and gets abruptly normal again only after
some time.

Interesting part is, that the time before playback gets normal,
depends on the playback time of the first track - the longer the first
track is, the longer is the slow playback of the second track.

Does anybody know what might be causing this? It seems to be related to
Pragha, because other applications (some also GStreamer-based) do not
suffer from this problem, e.g. mplayer, Parole (gst-based).

I therefore assume Pragha is using the GStreamer API wrong. It would be
really great if someone could take a look at Pragha's gst backend, I
could not find anything suspicious but I am not an C- and gst-expert.

For your convenience I uploaded Pragha's backend source [2]. The
application code calls backend_stop() on the playing track and
backend_start() on the next.

Thanks in advance for any help!



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