Working on apexsink support for new Apple devices

W. Michael Petullo mike at
Tue May 10 20:43:13 PDT 2011

I have submitted a patch to GNOME Bugzilla that begins to add support
for new Apple devices to apexsink. Please see:

It seems that new Apple devices expect a slightly different protocol
when receiving an AirTunes stream. I have written a patch that allows
apexsink to stream to these devices. To support this, the plugin now
has two additional properties: generation and transport-protocol.

With this patch, I am able to stream to AirServer, a software
implementation of the newer protocol. There are some issues remaining,
probably having to do with the use of usleep (notice the comment in
the patch):

1. For some reason, no audio plays unless I specify
"--gst-debug=apexsink:5" on the gst-launch command line. Very odd. Perhaps
printing to the console slows down the timing of things.

2. I hear a skip every 6-40 seconds.



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