Question about latency_time, buffer_time, etc

W. Michael Petullo mike at
Mon May 16 19:26:37 PDT 2011

I am having trouble understanding GstRingBuffer's latency_time,
buffer_time, segsize and segtotal records. I've read the object's
documentation and looked at alsasink.c. I am looking at this in the
context of working on apexsink.

The variant of apexsink that I am working on sends packets of a constant
size, with a 1,408-byte payload to an AirTunes device. By setting
segsize to 1,408, it seems that I ensure that the "upstream" plugin writes
data at 1,408-byte increments. That is, my write method gets called with a
length of 1,408. So, how is latency_time and buffer_time related to

Another thing that I have observed is that audio does not stream properly
unless I set segtotal > 1. Setting this value to 2 ensures that the
stream plays. Again, I am interested in finding a good place to read
about the interaction of these four values.

Thank you,



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