gstreamer-pad question on gst_pad_pull_range

bcxa sz at
Tue May 17 20:35:27 PDT 2011

Hi Developers,

I have one question on the gst_pad_pull_range. From the code, it
seemed that there will always be one buffer allocated when
gst_pad_pull_range. And this buffer will be allocated inside this

But in lots of cases, that the buffer is better to allocated by
external code to get better performance. For example, the buffer can
be some specific bytes aligned (to match hardware), to be contiguous,
or something else.

So I prefer that one buffer will be allocated some where else not
inside gst_pad_pull_range, and one function like gst_pad_pull_range()
just read data to this buffer and not allocate a new buffer. How to
achieve with gstreamer code?

best regards

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