can we use a gst plugin alone without using the pipeline ?

Michael Joachimiak mjoachimiak at
Thu May 19 03:09:48 PDT 2011

I am not pro in gstreamer, but the closest solution that comes to my mind is
to use appsrc ! decoder ! appsink
So you need to have a pipeline but you provide data from your software and
you get decoded stream back to your software.
I am working now on appsrc solution for my program.

2011/5/19 kilian stein <stein.kilian at>

> Hello,
> I'm new to gstreamer and i wonder if it's possible with gstreamer :
> (1) to put a buffer in a plugin (in a decoder/filter for example)
> (2) lunch the decode/filter process (only process one plugin)
> (3) and grab the out buffer
> The question is, is it possible to use a plugin alone without using the
> pipeline ?
> Regards,
> Kilian
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