[PiTiVi] ANNOUNCE: PiTiVi pre-release

Thibault Saunier thibault.saunier at collabora.com
Wed May 25 11:21:02 PDT 2011


The whole PiTiVi team is pleased to announce a pre-release of the PiTiVi
video editor.

This pre-release contains the past 7 months of work, implementing this
pretty new feature list:

    * Audio and video effects
    * Completely redesigned project settings dialog, with the ability to
create presets
    * Completely redesigned rendering dialog
    * Welcome dialog that helps you start a project or load recent
projects in two clicks
    * Ability to preview video, audio and image files before importing
    * Add a "best fit" zoom button
    * Ability to jump to an exact position in the timeline
    * Ability to specify custom aspect ratios and framerates
    * Show a progress bar when loading projects
    * 300% faster project timeline loading
    * Search bar in the Media Library
    * Ability to detach all the tabs and the previewer
    * New manpage
    * Commandline render mode
    * Use the standard infobar widget all around

And lots of bug fixing:

Unless anything critical or regressions pop up, expect the 0.14 release
next tuesday (May 31st).

Please test it and abuse it and report bugs at:

Tarballs are available here:

Expect updated ubuntu packages soon on the GStreamer Developers PPA:

Thanks for testing and helping us make this the best release ever :)

Thibault on the behalf of the PiTiVi team.

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