gst-rtsp-server and ALSA/OSS help

Marco Ballesio gibrovacco at
Sat May 28 08:51:40 PDT 2011


late reply, but hopefully still helpful. Reading these 0.11 commits is
taking all of my time! :P

One comment below..

On Sat, May 14, 2011 at 10:37 PM, Chad LS <chado2010 at> wrote:

> Currently, ARTS is enabled, but it makes no difference if it is disabled or
> enabled (I know that it can be a source of problems). ALSA is version
> 1.0.14. It also makes no difference if I assign a device after alsasrc, as
> it still returns the same error.
actually this is probably the problem.. you should ensure no other apps are
accessing the audio device. Is it possible for you to replace arts with
pulseaudio and then use pulsesrc?

Alternatively, can you try, as a test, not to start your X session and
luanch the server from a login shell?

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